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Can i feed my baby carnation milk mixed with karo syrup instead of formula?


You can however feed the baby goat milk, it is in a can.

(if this is because you can't afford the formula, look into the WIC program.-don't make a big mistake to save money. There was a woman who could not afford formula and fed her child too much water and killed him.)

Can i feed my baby carnation milk mixed with karo syrup instead of formula?
U are not for real isn't it?

Do not experiment with your baby. SMA, Cow%26amp;GAte etc is what you give
Reply:why on earth would you want to do that.
Reply:why would you do that?... that is horrible... if formula is to expensive get on W.I.C!!
Reply:Plain and simple No!!!
Reply:The answer is definitely NO. Absolutely no way can you give a baby all that sugar. If you aren't going to breastfeed please buy proper formula whether cow's or goat's milk based.
Reply:NO! Breast milk and formula are the safest things to feed an infant under 12 months. Most "grandparents" will tell you that "that's what I fed you," but pediatritions highly recommend breast milk or formula.
Reply:You don't say how old your baby is, but I sure wouldn't recommend it (especially without a pediatrician's approval) Cow'a milk isn't recommended until 1-year, and even then it's suggested that you speak to the pediatrician first.

Formula is easier to digest and is fortified with many vitamins and nutrients (DHA ; ARA ; Omega-3 ; Omega-6 etc.) that are idea for babies.

Take care
Reply:you cant give a infant kayro syrup everyday, kayro syrup is to help you have a bowel movement, thats not good on its stomach everyday. stick to breast milk or formula or whatever the doctor tells you. trust me, i give my niece a teaspoon of kayro syrup when she gets constipated and she runs to the bathroom in minutes, shes 10yrs.
Reply:NO - formula milk is created specifically for babies as a substitute for breast milk. Breast is best but formula will do as well. Other types of milk are not suitable for infants.
Reply:not a good idea
Reply:ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! You will make him seriously ill!!
Reply:ABSOLUTELY NOT! babies aren't supposed to have real milk until they are at least one years old and many of them are actually lactose intolerant. why would you want to feed your baby this?
Reply:NO WAY! neither is good for your baby! can cause serious health problems!!
Reply:No, never
Reply:Don't experiment on your baby. The best solution would be to breast feed. If this is not possible or practical, you should use formula recommended by your doctor. If there is a problem paying for the formula, there are agencies such as WIC (Women, infants and Children) which will subsidize your formula purchases. Contact your local family service agency.
Reply:Carnation milk is cows milk and shouldn't be given before one year old. In the old days they used to feed babies carnation milk, but it's been shown to be sooo unhealthy for babies. Please stick to forumula, it's much more nutritionally complete. It has all the vitamins and minerals. It's the closest thing to breastmilk out there.
Reply:Heck NO !
Reply:You wont make it ill. You wont rot its teeth or addict it to sugar.

I couldnt breast feed my oldest child and she was allergic to formula and is 26 years old now so that was back before they had soy based formula.

She was raised on carnation and karo mixed to the specifications that her pediatrician recommended and she did just fine. Infact, shes a healthy active mother of 2 now and a nurse. SO it will not harm your child. Just make sure you discuss this with your doctor and find out how to mix it properly.
Reply:No. Carnation milk is formulated for baby cows, not baby humans. Your baby needs the extra nutrition and digestibility of formula.

Don't add Karo syrup to any milk. Milk is sweet on it's own and you'll be setting baby up for "bottle mouth" rotten teeth.

If formula is too expensive, try a powdered version.
Reply:OMG no!!! Please don't do that! The formula has all kinds of nutrients found in breast milk especially the ones with DHA and ARA and since breast milk is the best for baby you should at least get as close as possible to it. Karo syrup is serisouly very bad, it has parasites in it.
Reply:Yes, you could... but it could lead to serious health problems. Better to stick with commercial brands of formula over most homemade formulas as the nutritional content will be better regulated.
Reply:i fed my kids evaporated milk and karo syrup, but that was 30 yeqrs ago. My daughter would say no unless he or she is over a year. and then it needs to be whole milk. If you have trouble affording the formula, call your social services dept and ask about the WIC program. It is for moms and babies nutritional needs
Reply:NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.But if your not sure ask health visitor thats what there there for.
Reply:uh, no! why don't you just go out and buy some coca cola, then give it that. are you sure you are smart enough to raise a kid? oh ya, i don't have to be smart to get pregnant.........ask any council house tenant.
Reply:Karo syrup was added to formula to help babies who had constipation- when my kids were younger. I wouldn't think that would be an OK thing to serve everyday- or your diaper duty will be crazy.

Why do you want to serve something other then formula?
Reply:Please listen to all the people who said NO! It could seriously harm your baby to give anything other than breast milk or formula milk made up in the way it is illustrated on the tin.

Babies have died from being given these kind of mixtures - I'm not trying to scare you - but please do not give carnation milk or karo syrup.

Chris - Midwife
Reply:Absolutely not.

An infant's digestive system is not prepared to

digest such foods.

Consult WIC, which is a federally funded program

that helps provide infants, children and mothers with

infant formula, food and information about nutrition for

babies, children etc. Every state in U.S. has this program,

it is called the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

Call your local social services agency like the foodstamp

office and they should be able to direct you.
Reply:also a drop of malt to help it sleep
Reply:the things with that now a days people think it's completely bad. I gave my daughter whole milk at a month just like my mother did with my sister and I and my mother's mother did with her. Karo syrup is fine they use to put it in water to make us drink it. I also put rice cereal in her bottle at a month. so its on theyre own caution on everything. if u want to try it go ahead and do it. think of it like this... before formula was made what were people feeding they're children?

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