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Can I give my baby carnation evaporated milk. Hes going to be 1 this week and he doesnt like whole milk.....?

but he loves the carnation mixed with his cereal. Does it provide the proper nutrition for him?

Can I give my baby carnation evaporated milk. Hes going to be 1 this week and he doesnt like whole milk.....?
Carnation evaporated milk is a concentrated product! It is whole milk that is heated to evaporate half of the water. The resultant product is very concentrated and thick and creamy. It is not suitable as a substitute for milk for a one year old child. If you mixed it 50/50 with water it would presumably approximate whole milk but it would likely not taste as good! I don't think a canned heated processed product like this is a good nutritional choice. 2% milk would be a much better option.Whole milk and low fat yogurt are also good sources of calcium. Many babies and young children love whole milk yogurt such as's delicious!
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Reply:I agree with Sharkyin
Reply:While a cup of evaporated milk contains more than twice the calcium and protein of regular milk. And it has about one-third to one-half less fat of most cream products, you should ask your doctor as I couldn't find Vitamin content.
Reply:Ask the pediatrician
Reply:Or try a formula for older kids.
Reply:I ran across my baby book several years ago, (ok, I'm 54), and evaporated milk was used for infant formula back then. There was a dilution ratio. But some kids are lactose intolerant (my daughter was, but I think that came from her lead poisoning). I don't think it will hurt anything, as long as the ratio is proper...

Evap milk is too sweet and does not have the nutritional value that a baby needs. There is a reason that Evap milk is used for baking candy and cookies.

Furthermore, you should not feed baby cows milk until they are at least six months old. It also does not have the nutritional value that a baby needs.

The best is to breastfeed. This will help you lose the baby weight, quite fast, in fact, AND it will give your baby all your antibodies to help protect him from illness and disease. Breastmilk is also the perfect diet for baby, the exact amount of nutrients he needs and it is ALL he needs to be healthy until he is about three months old. (A bottle of half juice half water will not hurt as a snack, but certainly not as a whole meal.)

Edit: Okay, I misread your statement. I thought you said he was one week old. Evap milk is still too sweet for babys system. You can try 2%, and if he doesnt like that, then mix his cereal with some apple juice or pear juice, whatever kind of juice he likes.

Sorry I freaked on you, there; I totally misread that.
Reply:If he still needs milk, keep breastfeeding him. If a baby is old enough to be weaned, he doesn't need any animal's milk, especially if he isn't a calf.
Reply:Evap milk would be great for your baby, it's just a processing of milk to concentrate it, and prepare it to be preserved in a can. In fact, some folks use it as shelf stable milk. It is lower in cholesterol and fat than whole milk. I use it sometimes in place of cream when I'm making a sauce or gravy, or mashed potatoes. Plus they make it in skim too.

I think in the answers you are getting about all the sugar, it may be getting confused with sweetened condensed milk which is a LOT of sugar. This would contribute to tooth decay, and turn him into a butterball.. I could be mistaken and they do know what they are talking about, since all milks have some sugars in it.
Reply:How about Soya or Silk? You can get it in Vanilla or Chocolate, it tastes good, is good for him, and MUCH better than evaporated!
Reply:I would diffently ask the doctor before giving it to him, but have you tried 2%, 1% or skim? Whole milk taste a ton different then those, he might just not like the thick nastyness of whole milk (sorry for those who like it, no offense, i just dont, lol)
Reply:It has more vitamin D than regular milk and just as much calcium. So it's not a bad substitute if he likes it better. Just make sure he's getting equal nutrition from other food groups and it's all good.

For some reason I like carnation when I was a kid, but I hate it now :)

Try baby formula first - I know... it's VERY expensive!! Try an off brand - it's cheaper and just as good. And, yes, fruit juice is excellent in cereal... but you may want to wait until he is a little older because even natural sugars can be too much for a one week old.
Reply:Well in the 50s that is what they did give babies, but now they recommend more like 2%, so the baby doesn't gain weight. I would give the baby liquid vitamins with iron to make sure all the nutritional needs were being met.

Put Ovaltine in his whole milk. It has 12 vitamins and minerals in it. Just dont put too much. Perhaps one small scoop.
Reply:Basically, your milk is the best, and if you want more of it, nurse the baby more--your milk is the best nutrition there is for him.

Otherwise, it's perfectly fine to feed a ONE YEAR old baby evaporated milk if you want--after all, that's what they used to make formula out of. It's concentrated, so if you are diluting it as your updated info says, that's fine. You do NOT need to buy formula for him, he's a year old.
Reply:get multivitamin drops they are like 8-10 bucks at any store! that makes sure he gets what he needs. i used Enfamil drops.
Reply:i would try 2% milk before evaporated milk, but call you pediatrician to be sure
Reply:Personally I think it is too sweet and you need your baby to get used to the taste of whole milk.

Keep offering whole milk to him, hopefully he will eventually develop a taste for it.

For an alternative, try mixing baby cereal with fruit puree like apple sauce, along with yogurt. You will get some of the dairy nutriets he needs from the yogurt.

(People - you are not reading this right - he is one year, not one week)
Reply:Well if you want a 20 Stone baby....
Reply:Did I read this right your baby is one week old....No and no cereal.....just formula......You need some serious help sweetie.......if you are in the United states please call WIC and tell them this is your first baby and then ask them what you asked here....So, wic will know you do not have a clue....your baby should only be drinking breast milk or formula........Your baby should not be drinking cows milk.....

One week old? Did you mean one year old....

.Edit I miss read this too.....

But still no you do not give a child Carnation Evaporated milk.....

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