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Can toddlers have carnation instant breakfast?

my 19 month old wont drink milk at ALL.. i am a firm believer of not giving him too much sugar, and i have heard of carnation making a sugar free one, but does it have splenda in it, because thats worse then sugar.

he'll drink chocolate milk, but i dont want him to have that all the time.. i'd rather give him the sugar free carnation stuff coz its got vitamins and stuff in it.. and i dont ike ovaltine coz its got as much sugar as one can of soda.

has anyone else done this? i'm going to ask my doc the next time i go in for a checkup..

but also.. the only veggie he'll eat is peas, and even then, its only a tiny bit. how do u get urs to eat veggies?!

Can toddlers have carnation instant breakfast?
Carnation is very good for kids! In fact my pediatrician recommended it since my daughter gagged on vitamins. Also, splenda is not as bad as other artificial sweeteners as it doesn't have aspartame. It contains lot of vitamins and minerals.
Reply:yes, my pedi is going to make me put it in my one year olds bottle.
Reply:I understand about the Ovaltine, but I do give it to my daughter, every so often. Splenda or NutraSweet, or some other kind of sugar substitute should be off the list! But, please remember that you are the mother, and what goes onto the table is it. Don't force the milk down his throat, but tell him he has a choice: milk or water. Or, how about the OJ with calcium in it? That's pretty decent for breakfast.

Again, you are the parent, so what you make for lunch is what's getting served. If he doesn't like it, then he can wait till dinner to see what's online. Trust me, he won't die (I have put my daughter into her room during those occasional bouts of control over food...she's _very_ hungry for the next meal, and your son will be too, believe me:-).

Good luck!

Second ENTRY: Remember that all those "supplements" (gummy vitamins, Pediasure, etc) are CHOCK FULL of chemicals and crap! Minimize the chemicals, junk, and nasty processed food that your children's growing, developing, immature bodies come in contact with. Just be consistent and fair, don't shove anything down their throats, but also remind them that YOU ARE THE PARENT and you are taking care of business! Best of luck!
Reply:have you tryed serving it in a big boy cup (no lid).if nothing works talk to your childs doctor i think there is a formula for toddlers out there. good luck
Reply:I beleive that chocolate milk is better that the instant breakfast, but it think it only comes in 1%. try mixing it when he is not looking at least half and half with either whole milk or two percent. or try a soy based milk, maybe discus this with your pharmacist, he can probably recommend a supplement.
Reply:why not? see if it agrees with his tummy. Have you tried Enfangrow? As for veggies, there's this juice called fuit and veggie. sounds gross, i know, but my kids love it.
Reply:I don't know about the carnation instant breakfast (although now I have that songs jingle in my head...thanks)

But to get the kids to eat their veggies I always mask mine. Granted my kids are 9 and 5 and love their veggies but I had to do my fair share of hiding the veggies in something else. If nothing works, just make sure hes getting a kids daily vitamin. :)
Reply:Yes...Hope this was a better answer for you.

Don't email me and yell at me if you don't like my answer everyone has a different OPINION, which is WHAT you are asking..


Have a great day! By the way..I have the email incase you boot me off for this one!
Reply:I don't know about the instant breakfast. It's probabaly best to ask your pedicatrician on that issue. As far as veggies go first try sweet potatos (most kids like that) and then something that is also sweet like corn or carrots. Good luck!
Reply:My grandson is a picky eater and we give him PediaSure. Its like Ensure for adults but with the vitamins and things kids need, probably better that Instant Breakfast. And it was recommended by his doctor.
Reply:Carnation Instant Breakfast is made for adults, not toddlers.

But in a pinch only (and not as a steady diet), it is best to use the regular rather than the sugar-free kind, but don't use the entire packet in the milk. Use only enough to flavor the milk. That way, the taste of the milk is disguised.

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