Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can you feed a 2 week old kitten carnation milk ( in the can)???

i know theses girls that foung these kittens and need to feed them something

Can you feed a 2 week old kitten carnation milk ( in the can)???
normal milk will make them sick. You NEED to get some kitten formula and probably a kitten bottle unless ur willing to sit there continuously dipping your finger in the milk and letting themsuck on it.. which i actually have done for a litter of 7 lol. You need to get the formula anyway. as long as they get the milk in them it doesnt really matter how.

hope this helps
Reply:How old? at 8 weeks they can eat kitten food. Otherwise, formula. Take them to a vet, too. But please no milk, they are lactose intolerant.
Reply:NO NO NO NO NO, that will make the poor thing sicker than a dog(excuse the pun) but go to the vet, they will give mothers milk and a bottle to feed the baby
Reply:You can get cats milk at the pet store because milk is not good for kitten or cats.
Reply:NO! thay need to go to Wal-Mart and get a couple of cans of Tiny Tiger and a bottle.
Reply:Probably not. Contact a vet for help.
Reply:Absolutely not, it will give them tummy problems! They'll need to have KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement), or another brand of kitten formula, and be nursed from a bottle. Depending on their age, you might also have to stimulate their "waste reflex". The mommy cat does this by licking the baby's bottom with her tongue so the baby will go poo. What you'll need to do is wet a cotton ball with warm water and stroke it on the kitten's bottom until they eliminate. Caring for orphaned kittens is a huge chore, but also very rewarding. Good luck!
Reply:Absolutely not! Any cat, no matter how old, will get diarrhea/indigestion from milk. Have the girls go buy some kitten food from the pet store (or you could of course get it yourself). I recommend Petfood Express. They have great food for cats and very helpful staff. I forgot the name of the cat food I'm using for my cat that's supposed to be the best out there. They sell it at Petfood Express. It starts with a P, but it's not Purina. Ask the staff, and they'll show you it. It's the only food for cats they sell. Good luck and have fun with those kitties.
Reply:Carnation milk? - no! It will contain far too much sugar for a kitten.

In a tin? - no!

If they are desperate, normal cows milk, in a saucer if necessary. But only as a short term measure until the shops are open and they can get proper kitten formula milk.

And, as others have suggested, get them to a vet. If the kittens were taken from the mother too early (before 12 weeks?) there could be problems. In any case they will probably need the standard inoculations.
Reply:They need to go to the pet store and pick up some kitten formula for the cats. They also need to get a kitten bottle.
Reply:No it will give them diareah. They sell kitten formula at Walmart and Pet stores. Good luck!

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