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If I run out of formula for my infant; what can I substitute for it?

I didnt have formula and I live in an area where the nearest store is at least a mile and I have no car , would using carnation milk be terribly harmful til I can get more formula?

If I run out of formula for my infant; what can I substitute for it?
YES!!!! You cannot give a baby cow's milk or cow's milk derivative. Knock on a neighbor's door, and explain the situation. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to drive you to the store.

You need to have at least one unopened can of formula on hand AT ALL TIMES to avoid this problem in the future.

You can also walk to the store... a mile is not that far, it is only about 15 minutes of walking at a normal pace.
Reply:A mile's not that far...start hoofing it!! Get that baby some food!!
Reply:You can give water. If kid is more than three months, give solids like banana.
Reply:breast milk is a good substitute for formula
Reply:Yes! Give her water until you can make it to a store. Take a taxi, it's only a mile away, and it won't cost too much.
Reply:If your baby is under 1 year old, yes carnation will be harmful and is not good to give in place for formula. Even though formula is made from milk it is processed in a certain way so that it can be easily digested, whole milk proteins cannot be digested well by babies at that age. Also, cow's milk also has too much sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can tax your baby's kidneys until they are more developed at around 1 year old.

Your best bet is to walk to the store or get a neighbor or friend to help you out. Your baby's health is the most important thing and please make sure you always have an extra can of formula in the house.
Reply:If your baby is under a year for sure not good. Baby's can not digest cows milk, or any milk accept yours from your body, or formula. My suggestion would only be to stock up on formula just in case, if you must offer water to hold off but only for like hour. I won't be a replacement. Not only can your baby not digest regular milk she or he can get build up an allergy to milk for the future. There body's are not able to work regular milk through there system at a young age, at least until 1 year. Good luck hope it helps!
Reply:There really is no substitute. Your babies little stomach can't handle anything but formula. Although you didn't say how old your child is.
Reply:Sorry the only supplement to formula is breastmilk. Actually formula is a supplement to breastmilk. Sorry I would call some friends or family and see if you can get a ride to the store to get more. Also have you gone to your local WIC departmant? THey can give vouchers for formula so you don't have to pay for it. Children are covered for 5 years under WIC. You can also call a local church and see if anyone there offers rides to people in need. Does your city offer busses? There really isn't any safe subsitute for formula. Good luck.
Reply:Are you kidding me? If you can't afford a car you probably shouldn't have child.
Reply:YES. You need to stock up on formula to make sure you do not run out.
Reply:Try the ole' natural breast milk. Actually I think you could say that formula is a substitute for breast milk. Plus it's free.
Reply:Do not give your baby any kind of regular milk. Formula is all their little tummies can handle. Depending on how old they can feed them rice cereal or some water or mild juice, also some pereed white fruits, such as pears or apples. But remember, Babies cannot handle regular milk until at least a year. I wouldn't reccomend all the real food until they are over 7-8 months.
Reply:Call a taxi and go to the damn store.
Reply:Carnation milk is used to cook with and should never be used as a substitute for baby formula or breast milk. Infant formula is the only breast milk substitute that can by itself provide all the nutrition necessary for a baby during the first 4-6 months of life. But, although it can be used as a substitute for breast-milk, infant formula is no equal to the most natural and nutritious food for babies - mother's milk - and given the health benefits for both mother and baby. I would suggest you start nursing or, depending on the babies age, start giving your child stage 1 baby food, juice and infant cereal to hold off until you can get to the store. It's not a substitute but at least it's still healthy and your baby won't get sick. You should also see if you are qualified for WIC and cash in the checks that are due at the same time.
Reply:What do you mean "if I run out..."? Make sure you don't run out!!!
Reply:If you can forsee this as an issue, why would you not stock up? And a mile is not that far to go to get a baby some food! I would walk that mile before I would EVER give anything but formula (or good old fashioned breast milk, but you are probablely past the point where you can use that).
Reply:You better put some comfy shoes on and get to walkin.
Reply:it is not good for you to use anything but formula to give to a baby under 1 year of age. formula is where the baby gets all of the nutrition it really needs. Plus it will be to hard on the babies tummy. so if i were you i would be walking or calling someone to help....
Reply:a mile is not that far, unless its really fricken cold, you can walk to the store. call a friend to come give you a ride or something.
Reply:You can use carnation milk,but you have to add a few things. When I had my child they told the new moms in the hospital if they want to use carnation milk to call them so they could tell them what to add to it.

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